Akhila | Rva

Akhila evolved organically as Sarah Schmirl sought to roadmap for wellness. AKHILA = Wholeness in Sanskrit. At some point Sarah couldn’t remember when she felt whole and content. There was always a craving for more. Work more to make more money to take more adventures. When did we get to the point that nothing was ever enough? Like most of us she googled how to feel content, be more present and a ton of other questions that aren’t so easily answered. Google results populated the same content in the form of hundreds of articles that didn’t produce any actionable results.

Akhila was created to share the answers Sarah found through her own practices with her community, specifically strong independent individuals that are looking to fill their life with more meaning rather than more things.

“Choose Joy”

Meet the Team

Sarah Schmirl | Founder

As a habitual over achiever, work-a-holic and Type-A professional, Sarah sought answers to the existential questions that Google couldn’t provide. Yoga struck the match to light the fire within. Sarah is an avid traveler, mama and professional. She began Yoga Teacher Training to deepen her own practice with no intention of teaching but it was so transformational for her own life she felt called to share these practices with her community through yoga, wellness and retreats. She encourages everyone to seek wholeness and fulfillment both on and off the mat. Pursue Joy obsessively. Her motto is “If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a HELL NO”

“You cannot always control what goes on outside of you but you can always control what goes on inside”

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