Ariana Khan

Ari’s current work is largely inspired by her strong ambition in assisting others in recognizing and owning their own power to self-heal. Receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an Addiction studies concentration, a Philosophy minor, and her current certification in substance abuse counseling, she is currently adding to her academic landscape by receiving her master’s degree journey in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Leading with intuition and inner wisdom, Ari is an advocate for integrative wellness, so as a Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, breathwork and embodiment facilitator, and a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, she continues her studies in Tantric Ayurveda, Mediumship, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Transformational Life Coach trainings, Core Energetics (somatic modalities), trauma-informed mindfulness-based practices, breathwork, integration, psychedelic psychotherapy and indigenous plant medicines. Ari envisions a world where the whole person can be integrated into one’s own healing journey, leaving no fractal of their past experiences in the shadows.

The philosophies that Ari subscribes to are based in her personal experiences in life and the exploration of why and how we facilitate the lives that we do. She believes that by guiding one through the experience of the body and the intuition, we can discover new ways of BEing in this world that are no longer counterproductive to our own healing. When we eliminate habitual holding patterns in the body, we are opening up our vessels to receiving clear messages and divinely guided life force energy.